Scientific Research

Bashpetrol has considerable research potential, which is recognized both in Russia and abroad. The Company’s R&D institute, conducts research in the key areas of operation of the Company’s upstream unit to help develop its operations and boost production of hydrocarbons.

The institute was tasked with providing research and technical support for the development of oil deposits in Russia regions.

Research department specializes in one of the following:

  • oilfield development planning and enhanced oil recovery
  • rock mechanics theory
  • oilfield development planning
  • mathematical modelling of oil displacement processes;
  • techniques for analysing the properties of formation fluids

Bashpetrol in achieving its strategic objectives in oil production by conducting research in relevant areas

  • development of guidelines for improving the efficiency of geological and engineering operations;
  • development of calculation methods for analysing well operation and selecting techniques that help improve well performance;
  • designing measures for improving the efficiency of infrastructure development and operation taking into account projected future production levels;
  • means and methods for prevention and removal of scale and paraffin wax deposition in pipelines
  • development of methods for monitoring oilfield development, down to the level of direct computer-assisted management of oil recovery;
  • development of methods for controlling the gas/oil ratio at a late stage of oil and gas field development;
  • improvement of techniques and methods for processing the results of well tests in order to reduce uncertainty as to permeability;
  • a digital oilfield: development of information and analysis systems for storing and processing information on production processes;
  • integrated modelling of field development;
  • automation of information processing;

As a part of the project, an appraisal project for exploration drilling has been completed, and a reservoir management plan for the oilfields, which involves developing geological and flow models, has been developed and presented.

Regardless of where drilling is conducted, smart drilling support makes it possible to obtain necessary information on the formation structure in real time, make informed decisions concerning well design and placement, as well as drill a smaller number of wells and reduce the amount of horizontal drilling when developing formations. This helps reduce geological risks, increase the productivity of new wells several times over and increase the recovery factor.